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Our Background

Post-Exit Coaching for You

Exit Club is an exclusive coaching service tailored for entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses. Guided by Laura Rich, a 3x entrepreneur with a successful exit, we provide the support you need with a comprehensive framework to navigate the post-exit journey. Our 6-week coaching program is designed to fill the void entrepreneurs often feel after exit, providing them with the tools to transition into the next phase of their lives with purpose and fulfillment.


Session 1

Video or phone call

The coaching process starts with a diagnostic session to assess your current situation, talk through the experience of running your business, the experience of the exit, some ideas around life goals, and overall views on next steps. This will help get a picture of where you are and where you would like to go. This is an informal discussion and a chance to be heard.

Within 7 days, you'll receive an initial "roadmap" for our sessions, driving toward some desired outcomes identified in the assessment. At this time, you decide whether it makes sense to you to move forward.

Session 2

Video or phone call

We'll meet to review and adjust your roadmap -- and just talk, too. Sometimes, the thing you need most in this post-exit period is to talk to someone who understands, but you also want a plan -- so we do both! Over the following four sessions, meeting biweekly, we cover each next step of the roadmap, processing through it all, and putting actionable and measurable steps in place.

Session 3-6

Video or phone call

Over the following weeks, we'll use the roadmap as a guide, and keep talking through daily experiences. These are your sessions, and we'll adapt to your needs to help you transition to a great post-exit life!

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