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Why Exit Club?

Starting and selling a business are Herculean feats.

What comes next can often be just as challenging.

We believe that just as leaders deliver powerful business results when they have a strong plan, business owners, executives and gig workers can achieve their goals with the right plan and perspective.

Business Owner

The Entrepreneur's Journey


Launch a business


Grow a business


Sell a business


Then what?

Exit Club Helps Entrepreneurs Create a Great Post-Exit Life.

The Story Behind Exit Club

After selling her business in 2017, serial entrepreneur Laura Rich learned what many post-exit entrepreneurs know: It's not always the ecstatic happy time you expect. Leaving a business is destabilizing. There is a sudden void in your life. You question your decisions and what you might do next. There are so many options. But there are few who can relate to the experience.

After hundreds of hours of research and dozens of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, she launched Exit Club to provide the support she wished she'd had going into and coming out of exit.

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