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Successful exits are a team effort. Learn more below about pre- and post-exit coaching to get the support that's right for you.

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Pre-Exit Coaching

Stephen Covey says we should "begin with the end in mind." With pre-exit coaching, our goal is an achievable Personal Exit Plan that aligns with your dreams and goals. We begin planning for the post-exit by looking at dreams and goals, aligning them with known resources, and filling gaps and setting a plan to achieve the post-exit vision. Most importantly, we make sure your company is evolving in line with your plan, and look for adjustments where it isn't.

Pre-exit coaching involves 4-6 initial weekly sessions to develop a Personal Exit Plan, followed by quarterly accountability check-ins to keep the plan on track.

Pre-exit clients may also find value in joining a mastermind group to share progress with peers.

Post-Exit Coaching

After exit is a bewildering time, and post-exit coaching brings some groundedness to the experience. There are four stages of post-exit (The Four R's): Recovery from your business, Redefining your values in this new phase, Reinventing yourself, then Reconnecting back into the world. The hardest part is shifting your identity from your former business and The Four R's approach helps you gradually unwind and move into the next stage.

Post-exit coaching starts with 6-8 weekly sessions, then goes biweekly or monthly over the course of a year. Coaching clients may also find value in participating in a mastermind group with post-exit peers.

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