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It's not all unicorns & rainbows.

But it can be. Exit Club has the resources, inspiration and community you need to exit (and survive the post-exit) like a boss.


What they don't tell you about exits.

The entrepreneurial mystique emphasizes the drive and determination of starting a business, celebrates those who grow it big, and hypes up their exit. Too many entrepreneurs have found themselves without resources on the other side of exit, adrift without the structure, purpose and meaning of their business. Even if exit was absolutely the right choice. Exit Club exists to prepare entrepreneurs in advance and provide support after exit. 



Leveraging in-depth research into the experiences of pre- and post-exit entrepreneurs, exit coaching provides expert support on personal exit planning and post-exit transition for entrepreneurs.

The Exit Club Podcast

Hear from entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses and lived to tell about it. Listen to past episodes now and stay tuned for new shows soon. 

What entrepreneurs are saying about Exit Club:

Thank you so much for helping me process through the weirdness that is the post-sale experience. I can say with confidence I am in a much, much  better place than when we first met.

Kate Field, The Kombucha Shop

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